Finding your Decorative Style

There isn't a right or wrong when it comes to interior decorating. Although to some it may come more naturally. The key idea is to have vision. If you are trying to figure how to decorate a new space whether it be within your home or your office all you need is to have a little vision. Close your eyes and imagine what your perfect space would look and feel like. What is the feeling that you want this space to bring out in you and in others? Is it calmness? Maybe it's happiness? Or maybe it's a warm and cozy space? Whichever it may be think about that feeling. Then use that feeling to translate it into your vision for your space.

If you want your space to project calmness, what colors would best represent this feeling? To some it's white, grey, dusty rose or even lilac, whichever it may be, pick a color that you feel best describes the feeling that you are trying to achieve. The color that you choose will become the foundation for decorating your new space.

When it came to our living room I knew that I wanted a bright and airy space. Coming from a basement apartment which did not allow for too much natural light to come in. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that we now had large windows, tall ceilings and a decent sized living space. I basically wanted the total opposite of what we had in our old apartment. Where every bit of furniture was once dark I wanted everything to be light, so that is exactly what we went for. Very early on we found that whites and light greys were our go to colors for decorating our living space and also throughout our home. We were careful to ensure that we added a pop of color every now and then.

As you can see from the first photo I quickly took to brown wood tones to break up all the white. It was a good way of balancing things out. The horse painting became our focal point and was actually one of the very first decorative pieces that was purchased for this space. Until this day it is still a main feature when you walk into the living room. The colors found in this painting are also very similar to those used to decorate this space. One recommendation is to find one decorative piece to be your focal point and allow the colors from that piece to help inspire the design of your room. Another helpful tip would be to try to fill your space with decorative pieces you love, not just like, but actually really love. I think a lot of times we are in a rush to get everything decorated all at once, but I have come to learn that it's about finding and picking a piece that you love and maybe even tells a story. Those are the pieces that stand the test of time. In the past when I have bought a something that I just liked, I found that I ended up growing tired of it and sometimes even getting ride of it and donating it. When I take the time to find pieces I love or really want I am more likely to keep it for years to come. Which brings me to next tip of advice. Find pieces that you know will work well with existing ones that you already have at home. This in the end will help you avoid spending unnecessary money and possibly even having regrets down the road. For example if you want to buy a cushion ask yourself "will this cushion go nicely with the color of the couch? Could I use it in a different space if it doesn't work well in the living room? Take the time to ask yourself these questions because they will save you a lot of time and money in the end.

Btw if you are curious about our flooring...well lets just say that it's the one thing in this living room that I didn't pick out. I give full credit to my hubby on that one. We went with a grey laminate flooring mainly because of Oso (our Olde English Bulldog). We wanted a floor that was going to be easy to clean and could withstand and scratch marks from his paws. This flooring made for a great option. Originally I wanted a lighter grey flooring but once the laminate was down I absolutely loved the darker grey! This was another good way of balancing things out between light and dark and it was also in keeping with our grey color scheme. One cool thing about this laminate flooring is that it has these awesome grooves in it. Giving it that aged barn wood effect. When picking flooring think about your life style and what would work best for you. Also take your pets into consideration. I am so thankful that we can't see any marks on the floors from his paws. You might see the odd little scuff or chip of flooring here and there but that's all me from constantly moving furniture around. I know, I have issues. 

Well almost 2 years later all I can say is that we haven't changed much in this space except for the layout of the furniture and the odd decorative pieces which do change from season to season or from holiday to holiday. For the most part though the colour scheme and main furniture pieces have remained the same. Which I can say I am very happy about!  

Just for fun I added a photo of what our living room originally looked liked when we first purchased the home (see image 2) and what it looked like our first summer living here. Again the layout has changed a bit but I will share that with you in another post;)

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