Dollar Store Shopping Tips

The dollar store, what more can I say when the name itself screams bargain shopping. Now who doesn't love a good bargain right? It has become one of my favourite places to shop for some really great and inexpensive items. There are so many different dollar stores chains but I stay true and committed to one in particular, Dollarama! Yes it is my absolute and all time favourite. I guess that could also be because as a child this was the one that I remember my mom use to shop at for some household items. In a sense shopping there also brings a sense of nostalgia. Taking me back to the good old days. 

Now my dollar store trips can sometimes get a little out of hand but that's just because I constantly keep checking back to see what new items come out. Plus it doesn't help that there is a dollar store near our home. I find if you wait too long between trips you could miss out on some really great finds! I will share with you some things that I have learnt about shopping at the dollar store as well as what to look for and how to snag a good find.

The best time to me to visit the dollar store would be during the week. I find that the one by my house is more likely to put out new items during the week or on a Friday just before the weekend rush. Most times you will see large boxes of items they have coming out to the floor as they try to figure out where and how to display these them. Sometimes the boxes are left wide open so you can actually peak in and see what it is that they are putting out. Don't be shy get in there and have a look. If you so happen to find something you like go ahead and place it in your shopping cart. If they are getting ready to put it out, then it's ready for purchase!

Another tip is if you see something on the floor that you like but it seems to be the last one and you want another for the purpose of having 2, or just want one that is of better quality don't hesitate to ask a sales associate. Many times I see something I like but maybe there is a small snag or ding on the item that I'm not too pleased about, I simply ask the associate if they have more in the back. In some cases they actually do and are nice enough to bring out more stock for you to choose from.

My next tip of advice is on quality. Now not just because this is a bargain store do I recommend you buying just anything. I mean I love finding a good deal but I pay close attention to the quality of the item. I look for items that I think will last long and are made well. If it looks and feels cheap, I would rather leave the item behind then spend the money on it only to have it fall apart within a few days. Look for any cracks, scratches or loose threads. You want your item to look put together not like it is falling apart. Otherwise it's just not worth spending the money. Wait until something better comes along. 

Now here is another thought for you. Let's say you see something that you really like and the quality seems to be great but you are not sure what you would use it for or what you could make with it; do what I do and go on Pinterest. I guarantee you that most of the time you will find some inspiration there. For example, last year I found some crystal jars. I really liked them but wasn't quite sure what to do with them so I searched "crystal jars" on Pinterest and found a whole bunch of great ideas for them. I turned mine into candle holders as you can see below. This is something that has become part of what I do on a regular. It doesn't matter if it takes me longer to get out of the store, but I want to make sure that I'm not buying something unnecessarily but rather something that I can actually use or make something out of. It also helps to hashtag the dollar store chain that you usually shop at. For example, on Instagram I usually #dollarama and I tend to find other people on social media that are willing to show off their dollar store finds or dollar store DIY's. Which is another great way to get inspired. 


Now my next point brings me to something that I have find quite interesting. One day I went to the dollar store just a little outside of my neighbourhood. While there I decided to checked out their artificial flowers. I really wasn't expecting to find anything as I had been to a few other locations earlier that week and had not found any flowers that I really liked. That is until I spotted the Peonies shown below. My jaw drop when I saw the amazing quality, selection of flowers and colours they had to choose from. I quickly snagged a few because I new that these would soon be gone and I might miss my chance at getting them if I didn't. Now the only conclusion I could come to for being able to find such a good selection of flowers that day was the fact that the dollar store was a few store down from Pier 1 and also happened to be across from Homesense. Seeing that there are other home decorating stores nearby that sell similar products it only made sense that they would have the best of the best at this location. The funny thing is that last year around the same time I went to that same Pier 1 and bought a whole bunch of flowers from there and spent a whole lot more, in fact I think they were double the price per stem. This year I think I will check out this dollar store location first before going to Pier 1 or Homesense because clearly there is money to be saved and for the quality who wouldn't. Plus overall I think this dollar store just had the best selection that I have seen yet. Again I think this is due to the nearby stores. 


I hope you all enjoy this new post. Hopefully it will give you some advice in terms of shopping at the dollar store for future trips. I would also love to hear any advice or tips that you might have for shopping at the dollar store!