IKEA Inspired Monochrome home

Hi friends! First off I just want to say a big THANK YOU for all the positive feedback that I received on my last Ikea must haves blog post. So many of you repined and posted my post on Pinterest and other social media platforms and I truly appreciate the outreach. It means the world!

This time I am back with another Ikea must have list, only this time I am doing something a little different. I have gathered a list of items that will help any of you achieve a monochrome home look using home décor and furniture items from Ikea! If you are a lover of blacks, whites, greys and neutral tones then these items are just for you! I will also share some items that I have purchased from Ikea and am either currently using in our home or have used to decorate with. Now lets get right to it!

Below are my top items to purchase from Ikea. Now just because these items fall into this blog post does it mean that they couldn’t also be used for other home decor styles. Currently our home is a mix of rustic farmhouse/modern decor. I am a lover of mixing new and old pieces together. Hopefully you can find a way to incorporate the following pieces into you own personal home decor style. If you are just starting to get into the monochrome interior side of styling then these are good starting pieces without breaking the bank minus one or two items I have listed. I have also linked these items so it will make it a little easier for you to search them online if you are interested in any of them.

Ikea Monochrome Home.jpg

Some of these items are just so amazing, like how cute is the little stool. Imagine using it in your bathroom and piling some folded towels on top of it. It would look so aesthetically pleasing! How about the serving cart it would make a perfect side table and has enough storage for books or magazines. I would say you could also get away with using it as a nightstand. This bedframe is such a statement piece and I love the tufted headboard and how tall it sits. Again another classic piece. Now imagine how great this armchair would look in the corner of you bedroom/living room as a nice little reading nook with this faux plant right behind it. And why not use these wall lamps as a lighting for your reading nook as well. Maybe you could even use them to replace traditional table lamps for your nightstands. These are just some ideas that crossed my mind while writing this blog post so why not share them with all of you. Honestly in writing this post I now have a small list of items that I wouldn’t mind purchasing myself. I am going to keep my eyes open for some of these on my next trip to Ikea.

  1. Aina cushion Cover $16.99


  2. Ingalill cushion cover $5.99


  3. Gurli cushion cover $4.99


  4. Ingabritta throw $29.99


  5. Byholma basket $7.99


  6. Lenda curtains $29.99 (set of 2)


  7. Uppvakta flower pot $6.99


  8. Kungsblomma duvet cover $39.99


  9. Utvandig serving tray$34.99


  10. Fulltalig candle sticks (set of 3)


  11. Ranarp wall lamp $29.99


  12. Kvalfjord queen bed frame $772.65 (originally $899.00)


  13. Halkip wall lamp $49.99


  14. Billy/Oxberg bookcase $165.00


  15. Vikhammer nightstand $99.99


  16. Stackholman Stool $34.99


  17. Ribba frame $14.99


  18. Uppvakta vase $8.99


  19. Lisverk vase (large) $22.99


  20. Lisverk vase (small) 4.99


  21. Tuvalie throw $14.99


  22. Vindflakt gold bowl $16.99


  23. Skogsta/Norraryd table set with chairs $1273.00


  24. Stocksund armchair $599.00


  25. Lubban serving cart $99.00


  26. Fejka artifical weeping fig $69.99


  27. Persillade plant pot $26.99



Here is an updated look at our living room. One of the most used spaces in our home and my favourite hang out spot on evenings and weekends! Here you can see how I draped the TUVALIE throw on the arm of our sofa. It’s ready for when company comes over so they can cozy up on the sofa. Also conveniently located so that when hubby wants to take a nap he has something light to cover himself with and get cozy. You can’t have enough throws that’s for sure! Plus for the price and look it’s such a great item!

Also if you look towards the windows you will see that I am currently using the LENDA curtains. I bought two sets of these curtains to cover the size of our living room window which is quite big. These are perfect as they are not sheer but still let enough sunlight come though even when all the curtains are closed. I had darker curtains before and they just made the room look so dark so changing them up to these ones has really changed the look of this room.


Here I have used some Ikea prints and frames to decorate our dinning room. I love how simple these prints are and how classic the frames look. Unfortunately I could not link the prints but the frames are linked. I think everyone has these frames but it wasn’t until I bought them that I understood why. The glass isn’t actually glass its more of like a hard plastic and that is so convenient because if you ever drop it you wont have to worry about glass being everywhere. I also love how they look expensive but are actually very affordable. These come in all different sizes and are also available in a wood finish and white. Again great for decorating in neutral tones.


Ikea came out with the KUNGSBLOMMA duvet cover set which is part if their new collection. I love that it has black pipping along the edges which makes it look very modern and elegant. It comes in 3 different sizes. Another great pick for you home.


Here you all can see how I used the INGALILL and GURLI cushion covers in our spare bedroom. I also used them in our master bedroom as you can see from the image above. I love this pillow combination and these are all so affordable. All of my cushion inserts are also from Ikea. Oh an on a side note this bedframe is from Ikea too! Clearly you can tell my love for Ikea furniture and decor :)


This little LIVSVERK vase was just too adorable to pass. It is available in a larger vase also and could be styled together on a table or bookshelf. I chose not to buy the larger one but instead paired with another Ikea vase I found a while back while thrifting! I am happy with how these two worked in combination with one another.


So this right here is my pantry just off the kitchen. Here you can probably spot a few items from Ikea but the ones that I just love and feel makes the pantry give off that rustic vibe are the BYHOLMA baskets. I have four of these and have used there in different areas of our home. I love using these to keep the pantry nice and organized!

Well guys I hope you all enjoy the items that I picked out for decorating your home in a monochrome style. I myself am still new to this style but I am really loving how classic black and white look together and these two colours along with some grey and neutral tones can elevate the look of your home. It also makes matching things in your home very easy. If you would like a book to reference for this style I suggest getting the book Monochrome Home. It’s a good read and can help guide you along the way if this is a decor style that you are interested in. I hope you guys find this post helpful. Let me know if you purchase these items or if you use them to decorate your home with.